The Committee

2015/2016 Committee:

    Co-President: Jake Briggs
    Co-President: James Tilsley
    Secretary: Andrew Seabury
    Public Relations and Events: Benjamin Mallia
    Male Welfare: Thomas Lindley
    Bisexual Welfare: Robyn Gill

2016/2017 Committee:

    Co-President: Andrew Seabury
    Co-President: Robyn Gill
    Secretary: Thomas Maiden
    Treasurer: Jack Woodward
    Public Relations and Events: Benjamin Mallia
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Committee Nominations

Our committee has some spaces, now is your chance to get involved with Keele LGBT*!

Positions Available:

Co-President: Amongst other stuff, this person will work with the other Co-President (Dylan) to oversee the committee and organise the society. They will help the rest of the committee with their roles and help link other organisations to the society. They will also oversea the finances and represent the whole society.

Secretary & Treasurer: This person will be in charge of the logistical and communication side of the society, which includes the finances and minuting the committee meetings.

PR & Events: This person will be in charge of the society’s social media presence and will organise the socials, with help Sent from my iPhone

Welfare Officers: These people are there to support all the members that self define as their demographic. For example, any self defining females can seek support and advice from the Female Welfare Officer. They will also run awareness/fundraising events that relate to their role. The welfare positions available are:
Trans* Welfare
Disability Welfare
International Students’ Welfare
Mature Students’ Welfare
Postgraduate Welfare
Ethnic Diversity Welfare

To Apply:
Email with your name, year of study and a paragraph saying why you think you’ll be good at the role. For the first 3 positions, you may be asked to provide a more detailed manifesto and show a years worth of relevant experience. For the welfare positions, you must self identify in the demographic of the position you are running for.

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Nearly Ready!

The new website is nearly ready. We have just installed Facebook connections, so you can sign in, comment, like and share all using your Facebook account.

If you find any glitches or things that you don’t like, please let us know so we can iron out all the issues quickly.

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